April 1, 2021

We are really excited to share with you David’s brand new and most daring project to date.
Over 100 miles long, stretching from the Solway Firth on the West coast of Scotland to Berwick and Marshall Meadows Bay on its East coast, David is building an Iron curtain made using 400,000 shipping containers.

He has called it “The Irn Curtain”

“Imagine 20 of the world’s largest container ships fully stocked and you’ll have some idea of the scale of this project” [he says].

Proposed as a kind of contemporary Hadrian’s Wall, The Irn Curtain will stretch out and snake its way across the land, through National Parks, through towns and villages, the containers clustering together like crystals, broadening out to form grand halls and rising up in the air forming great landmark towers until they drop back into the sea on our Eastern side. Whilst many believe Hadrian’s Wall to be the actual border between Scotland and England, the ‘Curtain‘ will sit slightly further North where the real border is.

It will act exactly like a border.

“We didn’t have to wait for Scotland to declare independence to start building it. Incredibly, once one county considered and agreed its existence, all of the other counties on that border agreed too. It was as if they all needed a big idea to unite around after a whole year of shielding and hardship due to the pandemic.
Planning permissions and building permits were easily obtained especially since it provided great opportunities to relaunch the economy and create a hub for commercial ventures and tourist attractions [he adds] Imagine it as that. Imagine it rising out of the sea by Gretna, the containers clustering together, becoming Chapels of Love, turning into Love Hotels, the world’s couples hotfooting it there to declare their devotion. Imagine them continuing on into the halls and malls created by the fattening out of the Curtain’s construction turning it into the longest retail outlet in the world selling as much tartan, shortbread and whisky as you like and clothes and furniture, shoes and cars. You name it, the goods will be there to buy and sell.” @davidmach2021/04/01

Image and video Credits: AVR London @avrlondon